Art is not only a skill, it is a journey, a development of the mind and soul.

This journey can start at anytime in your life and continues on even after you pass.

Gaiascope frontGaiascope headBronwyn Packwood and Larissa Murdoch - Tidal - Full length - Elle NorgardBronwyn Packwood and Larissa Murdock- Tidal - Close up - Elle NorgardEmerging laLarissa Murdock - Veiled- Close up - Elle NorgardLarissa Murdock- Veiled - Full length - Elle Norgard03- March12th2016- WearableArt1050703- March12th2016- WearableArt10511 Travis Hayto03- March12th2016- WearableArt1051703- March12th2016- WearableArt10538 Travis Hayto03- March12th2016- WearableArt10546Travsi HaytoPaper on Skin-112wool Award

My art is my journey...

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